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School groups

Offers for school classes from Switzerland are free-of-charge: Guided tours, workshops and material for school groups. Free tours with reservation only.

Guided tours and workshops

How did people live in the first villages? What stories do findings from graves tell us? How did writing and scripture evolve and change through the ages? What was the significance of trade and craft?
What is archaeology? School classes gain thematic and age-appropriate insight into the eras of pre- and protohistory up to the Early Middle Ages on guided tours and workshops.
Our programme will be updated approx. every three months.

Guided tours | Duration 1h

Kindergarten | Grades 1, 2, 3
Treasure hunt

Popular wisdom says that at the end of every rainbow, where the colours touch the ground, there lies a gold treasure. Such precious treasures can be seen in the exhibition. Were these valuables unearthed by chance? When is a treasure precious? Why does gold fascinate mankind? Children learn about the stories behind chosen objects made from gold, and about what role archaeologists and scientist played in discovering them.

Primary school | Grades 4, 5, 6
Beneath our feet. Findings lead to the past

Archaeology is fascinating. How did people live thousands of years ago? Objects used by our ancestors were preserved in the ground beneath our feet. Archaeologists unearth these objects and thus save traces of the past. Objects from all ages from the Palaeolithic up to the Early Middle Ages are exhibited, explained and interpreted in their context, and take us on a journey through time. The extensive collection of didactic archaeological objects offers students the opportunity to handle artefacts and learn about them comprehensively.

Secondary school I | II
Archaeology in focus. In the trail of past millennia

What is archaeology? The basis of archaeology is excavating and this means searching for witnesses of past eras. Excavators search in creative ways. Thanks to the knowledge amassed by archaeologists and natural scientists, new kinds of traces become important and researchable. Examples include radiocarbon dating, dendrochronology or the interdisciplinary study of Ötzi the Iceman. The guided tour provides an overview of eras from the Palaeolithic up to the Early Middle Ages with the help of objects. In addition, students gain insight into the history and importance of archaeology.

Workshop | Duration 2h

From Grade 4| Secondary school I | II
What is archaeology?

Mysterious findings in graves, unearthed settlements, golden treasures. Archaeologists search for and research traces of past life. Sometimes they make sensational discoveries. Archaeologists are curious and patient observers. They work with extreme care on the excavation site, in the office and sometimes also in the laboratory. They possess a large knowledge of history. In this workshop students learn what archaeology is and they can try their hand as researchers with the help of didactic archaeological objects.

Cost of material per class CHF 50.-

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Selbständiger Ausstellungsbesuch

Der selbstständige Besuch der Ausstellung im Landesmuseum mit einer Schulklasse ist nur auf Anmeldung möglich. Zur Erkundung der Ausstellung eignen sich das Rätselheft für Kinder und Jugendliche zur Ausstellung oder einzelne Klassenmaterialien (KM) aus den Unterlagen für Schulen.

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Einführungen und Weiterbildungen für Lehrpersonen

Einführung in die Ausstellung und Inputs zur Arbeit mit Schulklassen aller Stufen. Prisca Senn, Leiterin Bildung & Vermittlung und Peter Stöckli, Fachreferent und Dozent PHZH i.R.
Mi 11.09.2013 | 16.30 – 18.00
Auf Anmeldung.

Gerne organisieren wir auch Einführungen und Weiterbildungen für Lehrpersonen auf Anfrage.

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Unterlagen für Schulen

Inputs zur Vor- / Nachbereitung im Unterricht und zum Besuch im Museum. Informationen zur Ausstellung, Hintergrundwissen zu einzelnen Objekten, Klassenmaterialien. Download Unterlagen für Schulenhier (PDF 7.9MB).

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Archäologiekoffer ausleihen

Steinzeit-Koffer, Kelten-Koffer, Römer-Koffer, Mittelalter-Koffer

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